Bumbletees’ 2019 Block-of-the-Month

Each year, as we work together to bring you an exciting new quilt for our Block-of-the-Month project, we look for inspiration. Jan, Andrea, Betty and I all fell in love with a quilt called The Avenue, by Louise Papas. It was inspired by Parisian parks. We became excited as we talked about ways to incorporate this beautiful new twist on the old Drunkard’s Path Block! Betty shares her inspiration:

“My interpretation is of a very special city—Memphis, and the surrounding area.

Memphis is still in my heart, even though I’ve moved away.  There’s a lot of symbolism in this quilt, reflected in the choice of fabrics and details.  All the trees and the simple barn and log cabin represent the peacefulness and beauty of the surrounding countryside.  The city itself is active, but the bright colors, music, and whimsy give it a cheerful feel.  Looking closely, you’ll see some of the landmarks, like the Pyramid, the Peabody Hotel, Beale St, one of the many Churches, Bumbletees, Shelby Farms (or the parks), and the Mississippi River.  And of course, there’s Elvis!  My former house is even there.  This is just one example of using personal ideas to create a memorable quilt of one’s own.  We’ll be teaching techniques that will broaden skills for turning ideas into art.  This class is truly an investment in future creativity.”

Memphis Muse” by Betty Nowak



As I looked for inspiration, I imagined walking through a large city park, on a sunny spring day. I could see the big Ferris wheel as I stroll down the winding, tree-lined path, and past the whirling carousel. I stop for an ice cream cone, and hear the music of the calliope wafting in the breeze. People are strolling about, enjoying the sun, the beauty, and the breeze. It is a pleasant, happy place. This park in London was the inspiration for my quilt.

Calliope” by LoriAnne Melton


Quilts can tell a story, help you remember, take you to a place you’ve never been before, and share what is deep in your heart. We would love for you to join us on our 2019 Block-of-the-Month Journey, as Betty and I, share ideas, teach an array of techniques, and just have fun seeing what creative inspirations you incorporate into this year’s quilt!